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by | Aug 9, 2022 | Jewellery

Looking for something different to give as a gift this Mother’s day? I can help!                                                                                    I love creating stunning statement jewellery and my bestsellers include my unicorn, dragon and moon items.

Whether that’s a pair of earrings or one of my brooches you are getting a handmade item made with love.

I want you to feel excited and uplifted when you wear an item of jewellery from my range. That’s not just my words that is just some of the feedback I get from my lovely customers. Whether you want something subtle or a stand out item I have something ideal for you. Jewellery is one of the favourite ways we can express our own sense of style and whether you want an iridescent dragon or a sparkly unicorn I have gorgeous pretties to delight you.

Each item is sent to you in a gift box, wrapped in soft tissue paper all ready to give as a gift and a wonderful parcel to open even when the recipient is you. After all, you deserve nice things too.

First up in the picture below is one of my favourite items to make earrings. Featuring iridescent chameleon shimmer powder and black polymer clay no two pairs of moon earrings will be alike. Meaning you will get an original pair every time. When I paint the clay with the colouring shifting powder depending on how the light hits the item you will get to see different colours from purples and pinks to blues, greens and golds. It is almost like seeing the aurora borealis but in clay!

Brooches are making a big comeback. I’ve been collecting and wearing brooches for years and it is fabulous to see the big jewellery shows featuring brooches. They suit all body types and you can have something dainty and small or go for big statement pieces.

Brooches are one of the most versatile items of jewellery. They can be worn by men or women and you can attach them to jumpers, jackets, coats, hats, scarves and bags. Perfect for someone who loves jewellery but maybe can’t wear earrings or a necklace. Then a brooch can be just what you need.

My most popular size brooch is just under 5 cm in size making it a lightweight and easy to wear item. The dragon and unicorn brooches are a firm favourite on my top ten bestselling items. While I have the iridescent brooches featured in the photograph, my sparkly pink glitter unicorn brooch is one of my customer favourites. And I can make them in any colour, so if you would like something different do get in contact.

I do have the dragons and unicorns in a necklace version as well as earrings available from my website.

A selection of jewellery from Janice's Jewels featuring a pair of iridescent moon earrings, a dragon and a unicorn brooch in gift boxes.

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