Embracing dreams with silver jewellery

by | Jul 11, 2024 | Jewellery

Embracing dreams with sterling silver clay, a celestial journey.

From the moment I first discovered sterling silver clay, I knew I had found something truly magical. The idea of transformaing a simple piece of clay into a beautiful, lasting piece of jewellery felt like an enchanting alchemy. Enrolling in a silver clay school course was not just a step forward – it was an investment in my future, a commitment to bring my creative dreams to life.

Working with sterling silver clay has been everything I imagined and more. This versatile medium has allowed me to craft intricate designs that capture the beauty of comos and my own imagination. My sterling silver collection is inspired by the celestial wonders of the sky at night, featuring stunning pieces that include moon and star motifs with my version of a sun to complete this cosmic trio coming soon. Each piece is my representation of the beauty and mystery of the universe, crafted with care and infused with my passion.

Among my collection the mini crescent moon and lightning bolt pendants have become bestsellers. Resonating with those who appreciate both their aesthetic appeal and symbolic power. These pieces combine the striking beauty and energy of a lightning storm, each bolt finely crafted to capture the essence of nature’s magnificence.

Creating jewellery with sterling silver clay is a very rewarding experience. It begins with a vision, an idea of the design i want to bring to life. What shape do I want, which pattern will look the best. Then I move onto shaping and moulding the clay, allowing it to dry, and drilling holes so the piece can be attached to a necklace, ear wires or dangle from a gemstone bead. This is a very important step as I cannot drill once the items have been fired.

Firing can be done either by hand with a blow torch or in a special kiln.  Watching the clay transform into solid sterling silver is a moment of high anticipation, excitment and amazement every single time. The final steps of polishing with a wire brush to create a satin like sheen before moving on to burnishing with an agate stone to bring out the beauty and shine most often associated with sterling silver. Each piece  is then ready to inspire and be worn.

My customers are drawn to these unique and handcrafted pieces for many reasons. Each item in my collection is one of a kind, carrying the personal touch and care that mass produced jewellery simply cannot offer. Wearing these pieces allows them to express their individual style, knowing they posses something truly special and distinctive. The celestial themes resonate deeply, evoking a sense of wonder and connection to the universe. 

A selection of jewellery from Janice's Jewels featuring a pair of iridescent moon earrings, a dragon and a unicorn brooch in gift boxes.

My customers appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each piece. They value the story behind the jewellery, knowing that each item was made with love and passion. Owning and wearing these pieces is not just about fashion, it’s about embracing a piece of art that speaks to your soul, a reminder of the beauty and mystery that exists all around us.

Every piece of jewellery I create has a story, a memory, or an inspiration behind it. For instance my moon and star motifs are inspired by countless nights spent stargazing, hoping to see a shooting star and capturing the tranquility and magic of those moments. My mum was an astrologer and we had many conversations about the stars and the meanings and stories behind the symbols.

The lightning bolt designs recall a spectacular storm I witnessed when I was travelling in Signapore, I have never seen a storm like that before or since. Reminding me of natures raw power and beauty. By sharing these stories, I hope to pass on the joy and wonder I felt during these experiences to my customers.

Here’s what one of my customers had to say about her moon necklace:

“I wanted a moon pendant that reflected my love of all things mystical that could be worn on it’s own or layered with my other jewellery and Janice certainly delivered! I love my crescent moon necklace so much!”  ~ D.A

A selection of jewellery from Janice's Jewels featuring a pair of iridescent moon earrings, a dragon and a unicorn brooch in gift boxes.

Jewellery is a powerful medium of self expression. It allows us to showcase our personal style, our memories and our passions. When my customers wear my pieces, I want them to feel the same joy I experienced in creating them. I want them to feel connected to the stories and inspirations behind each design, and to carry a piece of that magic with them wherever they go.

This journey has been more than just creating jewellery, its been about embracing my passion and turning my dreams into reality. Each piece I create is a reflection of the wonder and awe I feel when I look up at the night sky. My hope is that wearing these pieces brings a sense of joy and conection to the celestial beauty that inspires them.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I am thrilled to share my handmade sterling silver clay jewellery collection with you, and I hope it brings as much joy to you as it has to me. Each piece is made with love, care and a touch of celestial magic, ready to shine in your life.


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